How To Care For Your Canvas

Customers often ask us how they can care for their canvas products properly. This post will explain how we care for different fabrics/materials. 


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Sunbrella is a common fabric used in the marine canvas industry. It is very durable, water resistant, and has a 98% UV protection.  Overall, Sunbrella is low maintenance and easy to clean. Here are the steps that we take to clean this type of fabric:

  1. Brush Off Loose Dirt 

We recommend that this be done with a soft bristle brush, and before any water or cleaner has been applied to the canvas. 

2. Spray On Cleaning Solution of Water and Mild Soap

This is usually all that Sunbrella needs to get clean. We use Ivory dish soap mixed with water. 

3. Clean Using a Soft Bristle Brush

Locate your problem areas and gently work the solution into the fabric.

4. Rinse

The fabric should be rinsed so that the soapy residue is removed

5. Let Fabric Air Dry

For more detailed instructions, visit the cleaning section of the Sunbrella website.


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Stamoid is a popular high-performance, vinyl coated polyester material. Stamoid repels water, is UV resistant, and mold and mildew resistant. To clean this type of fabric, we follow these steps:

  1. Pre-rinse Stamoid thoroughly

If needed, use the same solution of mild soap and water as discussed in the Sunbrella section. 

2. Gently clean with an all natural soft bristle brush

Gently work the solution into the fabric. You do not need to press hard when cleaning with a soft bristle brush. 

3. Rinse the entire fabric thoroughly

Rinse the fabric so that the cleaning solution is gone.

4. Hang up fabric and let air dry.

5. Add an application of vinyl protectant

Serge Ferrari recommends using  APCO Vinyl Protectant

For more detailed cleaning instructions, visit Serge Ferrari’s website.


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Makrolon is a rigid polycarbonate product that has a high impact strength over a wide range of temperatures. To clean this material, we follow these steps:

  1. Spray cleaning solution 

The cleaning solution is a mild soap and water, see the Sunbrella section of this post for detials

2. Clean using microfiber cloth

We use microfiber cloths to clean Makrolon because they are soft and will not cause damage to the plastic.

3. Rinse

Spray only water on the Makrolon and gently remove cleaning solution .

4. Let Dry

Do’s and Don’ts for Makrolon include:

Do rinse the sheet with warm water prior to cleaning process.
Don’t use abrasives or high alkaline cleaners.
Don’t leave cleaners on sheet for long periods, wash immediately.
Don’t apply cleaners in direct sunlight or at elevated temperatures.
Don’t use scrapers, squeegees or razors.
Don’t clean with gasoline.
Do follow the application with a lukewarm water rinse.

For detailed instructions, please visit Covestro’s website.


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Strataglass is engineered to resist scratches, UV degradation, and chemical damage. It comes in different gauges, from 30 to 60. To clean Strataglass, we follow these steps:

  1. Spray Using IMAR Strataglass cleaner
  2. Clean Using a Microfiber Cloth 

Gently clean using a microfiber cloth. You do not need to press hard.

3. Rinse


  • Use Windex, Rain-X, Pledge, Plexus, Simple Green, Orpine or any other harsh cleaner to clean Strataglass products. This will void the warranty.
  • Use a car wax or any kind of wash and wax to protect Strataglass products. This will void the warranty.
  • Use cleaners, polishes, scratch removers, or any products intended for commercial grade vinyl or plastic. This may damage the Strataglass and void the warranty.

For more detailed cleaning instructions, visit the Strataglass website.


To watch a Design Techniques produced video about how to clean your canvas, click the video below: